Axis - Echoes / Over You


Axis - Echoes / Over You

With yet another Enhanced Progressive hit behind him in 'Daylily', Axis returns to the label with an extended 2-track offering delivering the veteran producer's esteemed style with these sublime new tracks 'Echoes / Over You'.

'Echoes' opens the EP with a wave of gritty, tech-infused intent. Initially sounding rougher than previous Axis productions, 'Echoes' manages to build on Axis' beloved sound with a typically ethereal melodic presence this time surrounded by aggressive saws, taut basslines and an ever-present, invigorating energy.

Next up, 'Over You' delivers a sublime, smooth & equally Progressive record that reverts to a softer approach with gliding melodies and sweeping synths making for a gentle climax to another eagerly anticipated Axis release.

Axis delivers one of his most complete pieces of work yet with 'Echoes / Over You'.