Egg Ldn joins Life of Releaf campaign as Francesca Lombardo heads up their Day Of The Dead celebrations

Egg Ldn joins Life of Releaf campaign as Francesca Lombardo heads up their Day Of The Dead celebrations

Following on from her ground-breaking environmental campaign “LIFE OF RELEAF: One Tree Planted” launched last month, where Italian producer & DJ Francesca Lombardo is planting a tree for every physical copy of her ‘Life of Leaf’ album sold through her website, she is now teaming up with venues included in her tour dates, with £1 from every ticket sold being donated to One Tree Planted. Catch her Exclusive London show at Egg LDN as part of their Day of The Dead celebrations on Saturday November 2nd alongside Anja Schneider. 

“We’re excited to join the Life of Releaf campaign (which Francesca Lombardo bought to our attention) as we can give something back to the world that’s real and so needed in this time where climate change and our whole way of life is under threat. It’s something that all businesses and organisations can easily support by direct action by helping raise awareness and then making a donation which will in turn see trees planted across the world. We’re all people trying to get along and dance together in our very unique and beautiful world, and we hope to be able to keep this going for future generations”

Laurence Malice, founder of Egg LDN 

Every ticket sold on RA & Eventbrite for each event at Egg LDN will result in a £1 donation towards one tree being planted via The LIFE OF RELEAF campaign (This will be a separate ticket, meaning people can buy a normal ticket or a normal ticket with a £1 donation cost). Francesca hopes to encourage as many venues, festivals and artists to join the campaign with all donations going specifically to One Tree Planted’s global reforestation projects.

The LIFE OF RELEAF campaign hopes this message will be frontline for the clubbing community believing it’s not enough to just offset and neutralise one’s carbon footprint and asks everyone to unite to help start repairing the damage already caused. Uniting the dance community including DJs, agents, clubs and clubbers alike in this movement to make a real difference, this is a grass roots group working together for the future of the planet. 

“We must take care of our Mother. She has given us shelter, water, food, air, and everything we need to survive, she has loved us and nurtured us. Now it’s time for us to learn how to change and take care of her like she did with us,” says Lombardo.

Partnership in the LIFE OF RELEAF: One Tree Planted campaign to support global reforestation.

“We are in the middle of a serious climate crisis, and the environmental cost associated with the music industry has never been higher.  Most DJs traveling the world each week have huge carbon footprints, plus the expansion of festival tourism and the attraction of international crowds to many events means clubbers themselves are contributing more and more to the problem. We ALL – artists, promoters, venues and clubbers – need to step up and take responsibility, and the time to act is right now.  

Whilst trying to neutralise the environmental impact by offsetting carbon emissions is a huge step forward, in order to incite real change it is crucial that we also invest in the active rehabilitation of ecosystems. Reforestation is essential for the planet – trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, and provide key ingredients in medicines. I’m asking the dance music community to come together and help support global reforestation. Just $1 plants one tree… let’s plant forests together, one tree at a time.”  – Francesca Lombardo

Find out more about One Tree Planted here:

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