The Red Zone Project - Everybody Get Up!


The Red Zone Project - Everybody Get Up!

David Morales re-ignites his infamous Red Zone guise, yielding that phenomenal techier sound that graced so many of his remix classics throughout the 90’s and plants it firmly in the right now with his new single ‘Everybody Get Up!’. Regular vocal cohort, Keith Anthony Fluitt, takes his turn at front of stage and delivers a mighty vocal force beckoning for “Everybody Get Up!”. This is underpinned by Red Zone’s profound musical energy, laced with eerie snyth washes and moody acid tinged bass, ripe for the peak hours. Mr Morales also delivers a feel-good piano drenched Club Mix, along with a slab of percussive magic on his Momo Tek Dub, transporting the track into a different stratosphere!

Also on the package some of House Music’s finest fratelli including DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins who rock the party with a roof raising bumping house jam; Duce Martinez who delivers a classy slice of Soulful that’s decorated with a sweeping strings and hammond stabs; and Tedd Patterson works up some serious beat science for the peak time shape throwers!

Track Listing
1 Everybody Get Up! (Red Zone Mix)
2 Everybody Get Up! (Red Zone Inst Mix)
3 Everybody Get Up! (David Morales Club Mix)
4 Everybody Get Up! (Momo Tek Dub Instrmental)
5 Everybody Get Up! (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix
6 Everybody Get Up! (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Instrumental)
7 Everybody Get Up! (Duce Martinez Main Remix)
8 Everybody Get Up! (Duce Martinez’s Dub Remix) 
9 Everybody Get Up! (Tedd Patterson’s Everybody Get Down Vocal Mix)
10 Everybody Get Up! (Tedd Patterson’s Funk Of Forty Thousand Years Dub)

‘Everybody Get Up’ will be released on October 26th 2015 on Def Mix.