SofaTalk - Fairy Dust EP (ft. Kris Tidjan)


SofaTalk - Fairy Dust EP (ft. Kris Tidjan)

Italian imprint Roots Underground Records launches its vinyl only series with a cosmic release from SofaTalk.

Founded by Marco Celeri in 2012, Roots Underground prides itself on releasing music from artists inspired by old school motifs, hosting the likes of Alex Agore, Roy Gilles and Miruga, whilst tapping up Kai Alce, Lady Blacktronika and Legendary 1979 Orchestra for remixes. The imprint’s debut vinyl outing comes from SofaTalk, an eclectic producer and hardware fanatic who’s appeared on Stevie Kotey’s (Chicken Lips, Bearfunk) Ambassador’s Reception and Love Sexy Records.

The release warms up with ‘Contains Sulfites’, an intro track complete with oscillating synths and quivering chords that unravels across its three-minute duration. ‘Dance Of The Cranes’ then delivers a cacophony of light percussive elements whilst serene notes operate throughout. Finally, ‘Fairy Dust’ features Kris Tidjan’s impassioned vocal to forge a poignant production that nods towards classic Detroit house.

SofaTalk ‘Fairy Dust’ EP drops on Roots Underground Records in 11th April 2016.


Contains Sulfites (Intro)
Dance Of The Cranes
Fairy Dust (Instrumental)
Fairy Dust (Feat. Kris Tidjan)