Fast rising juuku drops another huge single ‘Icarus’

Fast rising juuku drops another huge single ‘Icarus’

If you’re a fan of electronic music and haven’t heard of juuku yet, then you’re doing something wrong. This rapidly rising producer and multi-faceted talent has been consistently releasing music throughout 2020 and this year, and now returns with another stunning original composition in ‘Icarus’. It’s signature from juuku, who through his relentless and euphoric electronic beats, creates an atmosphere that is simply unforgettable. It’s sonically explosive and pulls you in so many directions at once that you just cannot predict what’s going to happen yet, which make’s juuku’s music such a beauty to behold. Expect to hear more from juuku very soon.

Speaking more on his releases, juuku explains:

I’ve been searching for a new sonic landscape to add onto my vision. I’ve pushed myself more and more every single day just to find a sonic emotion that describes me at this stage of my career. Icarus pushes these boundaries for me, and i’m able to find a new dimension to the music that has made me whole”



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