Fernando Lagreca & Nachap Drop a New EP on Beautiful Accident

Fernando Lagreca & Nachap Drop a New EP on Beautiful Accident

Barcelona-based duo consisting of Fernando Lagreca and Nachap joined forces again on Beautiful Accident – they recently had collaboration for the Valencian label Sincopat releasing “Baltimore” for their 8 Years Compilation- to drop this EP in which they investigate several sound paths, as if it were an autumn walk.

“Autumn Glints”, which gives its name to the EP, leaves no doubt that we must move forward, in all the orders of life a movement is necessary, although we know that at the end of it the Winter comes, we must not stop, and this is what the track tries to transmit with its melody, its arpeggios and the blunt base that permeates a new joy.

Another great journey is “Quiet Birds”. An exciting sonic trip through symbolic pads and ethereal arpeggios based on FM synthesis. There is on the other side “Marathon”, an electro-funk track that reminds us reminds melodies and harmonies loaded with epic 90′s sonorities. No less interesting is “Stand and Weep”, the intro of the brand new EP. This cut actually announces with emotional choirs and its spoken word based on a famous 1932 poem by Baltimore author Mary Elizabeth Frye the beginning of the road, with some sadness we leave the sunny days of the Summer behind and we enter in the bright Autumn…

Autumn-Glints-cover-900-1.jpg fernando-lagreca-nachap-orng-900-0.jpg


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