“Fiesta” is a sensual late night groove from Denzel Wilson

“Fiesta” is a sensual late night groove from Denzel Wilson

New Jersey artist Denzel Wilson is inspired by the classics. Infusing his music with the silky smooth production of early noughties R&B, “Fiesta” is a celebration of his early musical influences.

Denzel explains: “It’s about lusting after a woman and wanting to be involved with her intimately, even though you know she is no good for you”.

“The narrative of ‘Fiesta’ is an example of falling into your vices, and letting them control your actions. To me, it serves as a reminder that just because lustful behavior can feel good and look good, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you”.

Growing up, Denzel’s house was full of reggae classics, the Gospel, and delicious Caribbean food from his Jamaican father and Guyanese mother. At just 10 years old, Denzel fell in love with the sounds of R&B, infusing his work with these classic grooves to perfectly fine-tune his own musical creations.

Exploring love, adventure and liberation through his skillful melodies and complex rhythmic arrangement, “Fiesta” demonstrates an artist with a deep love for his craft.



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