Get Serious – Nocturnal Frenzy EP


Get Serious – Nocturnal Frenzy EP

Next up on Bulletdodge is Get Serious offering us a superb slice of their dub techno with their Nocturnal Frenzy E.P.

First up is Accens, which is an impressive example of deep grooving techno. It boasts an infectious tabe with tight percussion to create a frenzy on any dancefloor.

Next we are graced with Herr Schuler, a far more sinister affair but deep and grooving still nonetheless. With an anthemic chord progression this track is a sure fire winner

Ingen takes us in a different direction, a minimal production that emphasises well programmed percussion and a solid sub bass.

Jagerbomz has main room written all over it, its a blistering techno monster! With its rumbling bass line, deep pads and wall of percussion this will surely be in the record boxes of all!

The E.P. culminates with Sunflowers, a more deep tribal sounding production suitable for the very late hours. With its sublime lead and haunting pads this track rounds this E.P. off very nicely!