Clandestino - Glide Theory


Clandestino - Glide Theory

Clandestino make their debut on Amsterdam’s Night Noise imprint, flexing their dancefloor chops with four cuts aimed firmly at late-night manoeuvres.

Lead track ‘Glide Theory’ is a drum heavy exercise, shifting bass and piercing arpeggios making for an edgy start, finally melodic pads and soft Rhodes keys drift in to relieve the tension resolving the track on a hopeful note. ‘Kinbirds’ stems the pace; but keeps the mood deep and atmospheric before an audacious break lifts everything into an ecstatic state with its swirling pads and disorienting synths. Mushrooms Project apply their trademark druggy, spaced out style to Glide Theory. Organic drum work weaves around a probing 303 line and deep chords let the soaring pads breathe. Forriner turn out a machine-funk heavy take of ‘Kindbirds’; slowing down the tempo and mangling the original parts with metallic drums and stabbing synths to give off a chugging Italo style feel.

Night Noise Music deliver the goods once again with this superb offering from Clandestino.


1- Glide Theory
2- Kinbirds
3- Glide Theory (Mushrooms Project remix)
4- Kinsbirds (Forriner Remix)