Basti Grub - Green Holiday EP


Basti Grub - Green Holiday EP

Just weeks after topping the charts with his beautiful ‘Summer Of Tearz’ and releasing his highly addictive third album ‘Neu’, Basti Grub returns with another uncompromised exercise in deep, rolling, groove-laden tech designs on Davide Squillace’s This And That.

Take a moment to find yourself in ‘A Little Lost’, a sprawling 10 minute opus that morphs and mutates with ageless mechanical magic. With a funk generated from broken sub-rhythm and pneumatic kicks, it wouldn’t have gone amiss in a Tyrant set 15 years ago… Or 15 years in the future.

‘I Need You Now’ follows with stern advice on practicing safe Sax. Deftly deconstructing one of house music’s most iconic vocal samples and rebuilding it in his own hypnotic way, Basti orders us to let ourselves go… And with such strong groove command it’s impossible to say no.

Dig deeper for ‘All I Need Is To Be High Sometimes’: another one of Basti’s signature 10 minute epics, it’s awash with trippy textures, each one looping gently off the next, creating a sonic sea of waves that lap gently through the mists of your psyche.

Remix-wise Lee Van Dowski clears the fumes and adds his own unrelenting charge with a slippery, sobering techno steam engine twist that balances tightly clipped synths and soul-shaking percussion.

Finally Basti close the EP curtain with his old friend Mike Trend. Picking up where ‘Motorschaden’ left us in 2012, ‘Watching You’ delicately layers choral harmonies and faraway vocal over infectious rhythmic pops and bubbles. Mournfully soulful, it’s a perfect EP and set closer.

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