Dangerouz - Happy Faces


Dangerouz - Happy Faces

Texas based DJ and producer Dangerouz is back to form this month with his latest wonder ‘Happy Faces’. Released on the 9th of September, 2015, ‘Happy Faces’ is seeking to further establish Dangerouz as one of the fastest moving talents within the Dance music panorama.

Aside from being a renowned DJ, landing multiple supporting artist spots for A-list names including the legendary Alex Peace, Jesse Garza, the man behind the Dangerouz moniker is also making a name for himself for his work in the studio. He’s been responsible for remarkable efforts such as: ‘Evolve’, ‘Criminal Mind’, ‘The Purist’, ‘Brenessy’, ‘Afterparty’, ‘Puma’, ‘Candyman’, ‘Bounce It E.P.’ and his massive hit ‘Dynasty’ which landed Beatport’s Top 100 ‘Electro House’ chart.

Starting with a subby House-infused drum beat, ‘Happy Faces’ is off to a great start, later transcending into a mesmerising lead-synth melody which kicks off a heavy ascension. A deep bass-line and melody take over the track, whilst a wide arrays of effects spice up the mood. Dangerouz devises a solid, distorted melody-led tract before heading into a smooth, breakdown, characterised by a soulful guitar riff and groovy arrangements. Funky vocals are then placed into the spotlight before resorting into a colossal, phasing instrumental section which sets the path for a stylish ending.

Dangerouz’s freshest Indie Dance, Nu-Disco and Future House inspired banger ‘Happy Faces’ is now part of Sublabel Records’ developing catalogue. Dangerouz is adding another extraordinary label signing to his growing list of important deals, having already been involved with the likes of: Pop Rox Muzik, Grimey Grooves Records, Straight Up! Music, WoNKed Records, The Gentlemen’s Club, Frontzide Records, Lotus Mathematics, Revibe Records, Absolution Entertainment, Stoned Age and Project Insomnia.

Part of the Grimey Grooves family, Sublabel Records is a newly established imprint, already boasting the works of international talents like: Laser Rot, Billy^Synth and Ginsu. Dangerouz is certainly a marvellous addition to Sublabel’s roster and with such a heavyweight track he is definitely offering an impressive contribution to their musical capital.