Parcels - Herefore


Parcels - Herefore

Parcels are pleased to reveal that their brand new single 'Anotherclock' is streaming on Soundcloud now, and will be formally released on Friday 24th June. This follows up their breakout track 'Herefore', which formed part of an EP with remixes back in Spring.

Parcels are a funk-pop group from Byron Bay Australia conceived in mid 2014. Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret and Jules Crommelin forged a tight musical bond in the years previous, performing in an array of projects ranging from metal bands to folk ensembles. Thereafter the broad spectrum of the members’ influences and sensitivities jelled in a unique blend of contemporary electronica and matured funk disco.

The five piece formed during the final stretch of high school and spent the remainder of the year between bedroom studios and dimly lit garages recording their first, self-produced EP. Well received in Australia and Europe this debut represents the first recording ever produced by its members, where wide synth soundscapes and an electronic rhythm section meet spirited guitars and five part vocal harmony.

Shortly after this first release all five members left the sunny shores of their coastal Australian hometown for Europe’s hub of musical inspiration, Berlin. With a one way ticket, keyboards and minimal funds, the tedious task of relocation was undertaken.

The bold action of moving to the other half of the world paid off as the quintet’s synth loaded funk caught the eye of ever curious label Kitsuné, who featured a Parcels tune on the 2015 edition of their famous Maison compilation series. Soon enough they met Gildas Loaec, founder of Kitsuné, and were welcomed with open arms to the foxy family.

Now officially signed to the Parisian label, firmly footed in Berlin and experiencing an increase in momentum, Parcels are currently honing their sound this time in small urban flats much to the distress of unhappy neighbours.

The driving concept behind Parcels is contrast. The musical direction blends vintage and contemporary influences together while the instrumentation starkly contrasts digital and analogue. On stage, their live set is consistently energetic : a different, more organic spin on their tracks provides an electronic disco channeling the soulfulness of early Chic. Captivating, vital, and musically impressive.

Although sporting a hairdo worthy of a 70s surf culture throwback, Parcels’ music and style point elsewhere. Where exactly? In a joyful future where humanized Daft Punk would decide to groove along with Steely Dan and Frank Ocean.