J Swink, Charles D - Higher Power


J Swink, Charles D - Higher Power

Washington Techno maestro J Swink teams with NYC based producer Charles D for his debut release on underground dance music imprint Dense Audio.

The A Side beckons with a thick and booming kick drum taking precedent whilst the softer percussive elements flutter around the sides building the atmospheric and industrial layers. Spacious and commanding in depth, the track roles on relentlessly with horn blasts forming the centrepiece of the track, hedonistic synth stabs and iconic riding hats creating simple yet effective sonic synergy. 'Higher Power' is a big room, peak player for those heaviest of dance floor moments.

The B-Sideopens with side changed dominance, alien like elements and War Of The World-esque gritty synths provide the bedrock of drama for this second cut. Enter the ‘trancey' stabs and echoey vocal stabs that slice through the beat intermittently, with a break down opening up the sonic sphere in the simplest of ways in the mid section.

Just the 2 tracks needed on this occasion to round off a supreme debut release for J Swink & Charles D on Maksim Dark’s Dense Audio.


J Swink, Charles D - Higher Power

Arthur Baker is a bonafide legend of the music world and he is next up on Get Physical with a stunning new single featuring the vocals of Lumina.

American producer and DJ Baker is best known for his seminal work with artists like Quincy Jones, Afrika Bambaataa and New Order. He’s also released on Prince’s Paisley Park Records, remixed Pet Shop Boys and has DJ roots going back to the 70s, when he spun Philly Soul. To this day he cross pollinates electro, disco, soul, house and electronic music in wondrous ways, as he does here.

This new single, ‘Higher Power,’ is the sort of rich and musical track that will light up any dance floor, anywhere in the world. It has driving disco drums overlaid with exotic guitar riffs. Lumina’s afro vocals lend it a worldly feel and will get dancers going wild. The tension never lets up throughout, and it is a thrilling, ever absorbing trip that is open and expansive, with a mixture of organic and synthesised sounds all dancing round each other in loose limbed and intoxicating harmony.

Also included in the essential package are a driving instrumental dub, shorter edit and standalone acapella.

This is an absolute anthem in the making for the continually excellent Get Physical.


01 Arthur Baker feat. Lumina – Higher Power
02 Arthur Baker feat. Lumina – Higher Power (Instrumental Dub)
03 Arthur Baker feat. Lumina – Higher Power (Edit)
04 Arthur Baker feat. Lumina – Higher Power (Acapella)