Hiko Momoji releases ‘self-test’ music video

Hiko Momoji releases ‘self-test’ music video

Adding to the release of his latest single ‘self-test’, London artist Hiko Momoji has just released a brand new music video for the song; perfectly reflecting the vibrant energy of the track. 

Feeding off of the high intensity of the single, Hiko delivers a dynamic, technicolored visual that pulsates with energy; matching the tempo of the reverberating synths. Under the cover of darkness, and gleaming city lights; the video see’s Hiko performing the song as he and his squad ride around in expensive cars. 

“self-test is really just about testing yourself, you always gotta keep yourself on your toes and analyze and test yourself”, Hiko explains. “Why you doing this? Why am I behaving this way? Once you do that, you’ll learn a lot you didn’t before”.

With more to come, Hiko is rapidly establishing himself as a rising talent to watch. 

Check it out below.




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