Ramon Tapia presents El Carlitto - Hysteria / Intricate


Ramon Tapia presents El Carlitto - Hysteria / Intricate

The creator of some of the freshest sounds in techno music in recent years, Ramon Tapia, is once again pushing the envelope with his new double-header for John Digweed’s forward-thinking Bedrock label.

‘Hysteria’ exhibits mountainous energetic menace with its elongated rumbling sub-bass hum and whip-snap percussion build, before launching into mind-melting melodic flourishes and an intense groove finale. Adding to the excitement, ‘Intricate’ features a classic Ramon Tapia percussion-led gem of a groove that expands with filmic flourishes and twists a plenty, resulting in yet another beautifully crafted piece of music.

Ramon Tapia’s skill as he blends the slower, sexier sounds of the contemporary techno vibe with his deep understanding of the genre from the past few decades is what sets him apart from many other producers. With tinges of his Latin background influencing percussive elements and his Dutch/Belgian heritage providing the basis for his hard-grooving template, his sound is one of the freshest of recent years.

‘Havana’ (BEDDIGI51), the Ramon Tapia & Stavroz collaboration from last summer (with that deadly trumpet hook), remains a firm favourite in many DJ sets today. It was recently revived with a superb remix by Guy J and featured on the new ‘Underground Sound Of Ibiza 2’ (BEDIBIZACD2) compilation. Both tracks are well worth checking.