INTERVIEW: Alexandre Billard

INTERVIEW: Alexandre Billard

Welcome to IhouseU, Alexandre! We hope to find you well, can you fill us in with what you’ve been up too far this year?

I’m doing fine, since January – between my residence Courchevel and London as well as my dates across Europe, it’s been very intense. So, I would say that this confinement has actually allowed me to refocus on myself and my productions.

Congrats on your new single ‘Feel The Crowd’ – can you tell us about your production process & inspiration behind the track?

Thank you very much, the idea was quite simple. At the beginning of this quarantine I told myself that it was important to support these associations that move their ass to help everyone’s daily life.
So, that’s why I decided to contact my team and to produce this single. I didn’t want to fall into the melodrama of quarantine so I decided to write this text on this desire to ‘Feel The Crowd’ again.
The fairly simple process always starts with an idea and then you start to work out a chord that takes you on a journey for a new song all produced within Ableton.

Can you share a little about your personal journey into the electronic music industry?

I have been in the music industry for fifteen years I have evolved with numerous prestigious residences in the Bagatelle VIP room group and luxury Chopard Louis Vuitton boxes and many others. I have produced some singles in recent years but believe me that I will not stop. This confinement will have really allowed me to organize the releases of 50ish tracks all crazier than one another so stay connected!

Can you describe your signature sound for us?

I want to say that my signature is hip hop, let me explain myself. I love music quality so locking myself into a style is very complex, I like things well produced with a sign of musical culture. I stay in a house format in the broad sense by going from afro to disco. My latest ‘Feel The Crowd’ track is very pop-friendly but always with a dynamic house vibe.

What’s your favourite part about being an artist & has there been a stand out moment or achievement in your career that you feel most proud of to date?

An artist’s life is often full of hurdles, what I like is that each new project is a challenge. The questioning of whether we are right? is it current? is it a new trend? These challenges for me are the biggest reflections of an artist
You can say that I’m quite proud of a lot of things, having mixed with many international artists, to have traveled to so many countries. In reality I think the greatest achievement remains to come! …but if I had to say one thing it would be the opportunity to record an original track with D train – coming soon…

And following on, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?

Hahaha I think the biggest challenge is the one we are living right now through this covid 19, ending up being quarantined overnight. From travelling country to country to being locked in your room changes everything. Especially when you don’t know when it will resume but you have to work twice as hard and in the starting blocks for the future.
But to release this ‘Feel The Crowd’ video clip with so many people was also quite a challenge.

Are there any artists on your wish list to work with in the future?

Mary J Blige is a kid’s dream, after I love any style of feat going from rap to gospel each studio session has such a different and magical energy

And finally, what’s next in the pipeline for Alexandre Billard & do you have any specific goals for the remainder of 2020?

The objectives of the year are to sign one of my titles on the Toolroom label
And to make beautiful my tracks out of ideas still stuck in the computer but another important objective is to be able to travel the world again and play a maximum of shows.

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