Joya Mooi unveils nostalgic official video for ‘Been Here’

Joya Mooi unveils nostalgic official video for ‘Been Here’

Amsterdam-born artist Joya Mooi has now unveiled the official video for her latest single ‘Been Here’.
The vintage-styled video for ‘Been Here’ draws on a hazy, nostalgic vibe that ideally complements the track’s theme of recurring life events, such as relationships gone wrong and cycles in addiction. Produced by Blazehoven and released as a single last month, the track sees Joya draw on her trademark emotionally-charged sound. 
‘Been Here’ is taken from The Ease Of OthersJoya’s latest album which was released last month. A deeply personal LP, it delves into her family history, tackling themes of identity, heritage and the various relationships throughout her life. Conversations with family members are interspersed between the tracks, with Joya ensuring that introspection and self-reflection drive the creative process.
Discussing The Ease Of OthersJoya previously explained that it intends to “explore what it means to me to be South African, Dutch, mixed race, with roots shattered all over. On a daily basis I relate differently towards my cultural background, and I wanted to be honest about that. It’s not just black and white, there’s this grey area with different elements that make me feel like I belong/matter – anywhere – that I have learned to define myself. The songs are taking place in the now, sometimes looking back. I’m open about how I grieve & how care for myself and mostly – I think – it’s a celebration of me and my family.”
Characterised by her background as a conservatory-trained musician, Joya’s work has been strongly influenced by jazz, hip-hop and R&B – as well as her South African roots and experiences as part of a new generation from the African diaspora.
One of the standout tracks from a compelling debut album, the wistful official video for ‘Been Here’ is the perfect visual aid for the track’s contemplative aura.



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