Julian R – Captain


Julian R – Captain

With the latest release hailing from their Los Angeles territory, Vous Records continue their cannonball run of knockout house music with a huge, main-room progressive beast.  Show some respect then, as we introduce you to Julian R’s “Captain”.  Featuring some heavy-duty electric guitar synths that immediately bring a couple of Daft Punks to mind, you can guarantee that this is going to be causing more than a few dancefloors a spot of bother.

With the standard levels of high-octane energy that we’ve come to expect from all Vous Records releases, Captain doesn’t disappoint; it’s guaranteed to leave no man standing and you can quote us on that one if you like – it’s basically science.  So while you indulge your ears in another audible treat from the Vous crew, you can be sure that they’re already priming the next release from their arsenal – the world’s a stage for Vous Records and we’ve only seen a snippet of the opening act.

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