Justin Michael feat. Phillip LaRue – Young Forever


Justin Michael feat. Phillip LaRue – Young Forever

The world of electronic dance music is divided.  Manufactured versus art.  Mainstream versus underground. These forces seem forever locked in opposition, constantly throwing up new walls of separation.  But a groundswell of dark, writhing chords and hopeful melodic vocals is rising up to shatter the stalemate…

Rocktronica Records is Justin Michael’s new label, a small movement, a ragtag rebel alliance. Rocktronica’s debut release, “Young Forever”, is the opening sonic salvo epitomizing the crossbreed of rock and progressive house at the core of this surging tide. With support from Kaskade, Paul Oakenfold and Austin Kramer on Sirius XM’s #betaBPM, the powerful single marks the start of big things to come for Rocktronica and will be accompanied by four remixes from Digital Freq, Andre Sobota, Max Freegrant and RavenKis on July 14.

With its fresh mix of futuristic rock and epic synths crafted for the dance floors of believers across the world, Rocktronica throws down the tired tropes of masses versus purists and raises a new banner for the new era of electronic dance music.

Welcome to the Future.