Kelly Koka drops brand new single ‘Stay Down’

Kelly Koka drops brand new single ‘Stay Down’

Kelly Koka releases a new track entitled Stay Down, featuring Nickey T. ‘Stay Down escalates with a melodious tapping beat that creates a mesmeric attachment to the melody. Kelly Koka is the lead singer of Indea; he flexes his vocal expertise over the three-minute track. The fearless artist allows the music to direct his vision. Describing Stay Down as “a song I freestyled from the heart, I just closed my eyes and visualised my love.” 

Kelly Koka’s faith in love and loyalty riles up a raw, irresistible aura centred around his lyrics. The singers’ rich vocals are paired with his dreamy lower vocal range.  Kelly Koka is currently working on emo trap & b music with his collective (5144) and has had features with OG Maco, Raheem Bakare, NickyT and Knwgd.



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