KHOUBA releases brand new heat ‘Jonah Hill’

KHOUBA releases brand new heat ‘Jonah Hill’

Paris based rapper KHOUBA decided to grace fans with new fire track ‘Jonah Hill’ produced by Lewo Beats. This track is a blend of sounds from Afrobeats, dancehall, to rap. It is undeniably a feel-good, upbeat song which channels good-vibes and energy.

His catchy beats and state-of-the-art sound, make him incomparable showcasing his diversity. KHOUBA is the master of sound, each track he spits on turns into a hit, his main aim is to convey a message and his state of mind for listeners which we hear in ‘Jonah Hill’.

The mixture of American rap with french creates a perfect example of two cultures coming together to make music. The track is definitely one to play in the clubs, vibe with your friends or by yourself.

Listen to the full track below:



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