Kwazi Cort shares the music video for ‘Trapstar II’ alongside his EP ‘Blood On The English Carpet’

Kwazi Cort shares the music video for ‘Trapstar II’ alongside his EP ‘Blood On The English Carpet’

Hot on the heels of his latest single releases with 67’s LD on ‘Please Don’t Boast’, [email protected] Freestyle and cinematic solo single ‘Trapstar II’, Kwazi Cort’s work rate remains undefeated keeping one foot on the gas as he delivers the music video for single ‘Trill Fairy’, taken off newly released project ‘Blood On The English Carpet’.

In his most recent single release ‘Trill Fairy’, Kwazi Cort takes the necessary step forward as a premiere act, calling upon Groovy guitar riffs to channel feel-good summertime vibes with his signature Rock n Rap infused Grime sound; once again delivering an exciting genre melding production, typical of what we have come to expect from Kwazi.

Interestingly Kwazi Cort takes a more introspective approach in comparison to previous iterations, having ‘Trill Fairy’ serve as a testimony to his faith and the belief that everything happens for a reason. The track is an optimistic message of hope tracing referencing his own journey from Trapstar to Grockstar.

From the first minute the single is laced with charismatic charm and witty humour which spins the record from one of faith to catchy lyrics that pay homage to other artists.

“Trill fairy relays a story of the intervention that’s been guiding me to where I am now, both as a person and musician. Looking at my past behaviours, and the man I was, and how my faith has allowed me to evolve into the person I am today knowingly or unknowingly”, says Kwazi.

When asked what inspired the title, Kwazi stated “Trill” means “True and Real” and pays respect to southern Hip-Hop, inspired by sounds of Bun B. “A fairy is a guardian, a mysterious force that delivers wealth and blessings to you without even knowing. Together ‘true and real fairy’ talks of my journey of serendipity, moving toward a more positive narrative and keeping out of harm’s way”.

Kwazi Cort continues to impress and with his track record that we’re sure he’ll continue to deliver.

Check out ‘Blood On The English Carpet’ out now across all DSP’s.



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