Aaaron & Deckert ft. Valentine - L.D.O.E. EP


Aaaron & Deckert ft. Valentine - L.D.O.E. EP

Connected’s next essential release finds Aaaron join forces with newcomers Deckert and singer Valentine for a great new single. Floyd Lavine also steps up with two remixes and completes another standout package.

‘L.D.O.E’ combines the talents of each individual to create something really special: Aaaron provides a sub-heavy, African-inspired groove pattern and combines it with Deckert’s intense harmonies, while Valentine finishes it off with her touching vocal performance and lyrics that are both melancholic and deep. Suited to both night time odysseys or relaxed sunrises, it is a tender hymn that truly resonates.

In original form, the fat drums of ‘L.D.O.E.’ prop up those dreamy vocals and a gentle tribal percussion help sink you into a loose groove. The dub is more focussed on the tumbling hits and toms and bouncy drums, and as such is a mid tempo workout that will get you in a lather.

Then South African Floyd Lavine—who has released on Dogmatik and Upon.You and played the likes of Watergate and Glastonbury—steps up and pushes the track straight into the void, twisting it into a hypnotic techno chant. Perfect for a rough peak-time approach or the early morning hours when the storm is hitting the coast, this track will haunt you in your dreams through an endless jungle of insanity. With the vocals gone, the dub version is even more direct.

This is a fantastically constructed package stuffed with emotive, long lasting house and techno tracks that are brilliantly vivid and evocative. For those in Berlin, there is a connected label night at Watergate on September 21st to mark the release of the last EP with David Mayer, Stereo MCs, K.E.E.N.E and Aaaron b2b Florian Busse.


01. L.D.O.E. (original)
02. L.D.O.E. (dub)
03. L.D.O.E. (Floyd Lavine’s African Techno Mix)
04. L.D.O.E. (Floyd Lavine’s African Techno Dub)