Benny Camaro - Las Dos Lunas


Benny Camaro - Las Dos Lunas

Since announcing himself to the world in 2005, Neapolitan music producer Benny Moschino AKA Benny Camaro has touched on everything from Soul, Funk, Rock and House music in his work. The prolific Italian has amassed an impressive discography on a plethora of high-profile labels such as Casa Rossa, IRMA Records, Kluster Records, Tiger Records, Tactical Records, Secundo Records and Bounce Recordings, which have resulted in multiple entries into Beatport charts and aided a burgeoning DJ career. Now teaming back up with French imprint, Jango Music, Benny looks set for further success with new release, ‘Las Dos Lunas’.

Built on top of a deep and funky bass-line, ‘Las Dos Lunas’ features uplifting and melodic chords and vocals, which make this track more than just a certain Electro House favourite with DJs and fans alike. There’s real substance and emotion driving this production, which is now standard issue where Camaro is concerned and perfectly fits Jango Music’s consistency for only releasing the highest quality dance floor fare.

‘Las Dos Lunas’ from Benny Camaro is out now on Jango Music.

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