Lionel Weets ‘Tell Me Why’ (Motech LTD)


Lionel Weets ‘Tell Me Why’ (Motech LTD)

Fresh from his Motech album debut, ‘Stellar Orchestra’ in May, Lionel Weets returns with ‘Tell Me Why’ on the newly created Motech LTD imprint. 

Created by Motech Records co-founders Franki Juncaj (a.k.a. DJ 3000) and Shawn Snell, Motech LTD will exist as an expanded outlet for both releases and stylistic exploration from new and established artists.  Built upon the same no boundaries foundation as its original imprint, Motech LTD will feature releases from Detroit as well as the label’s worldwide network of producers, associates and remixers.

Now Lionel Weets brings his signature uptempo sound to Motech LTD’s inaugural release.  ‘Tell Me Why’ and its shifting, fast paced rhythm progressions sound right at home amongst Motech’s greatest output, while ‘The Teacher’ is a slightly darker, yet no less intense nod to the Detroit electronic sound.

Released on 20 October, look out for more releases on Motech Ltd in the following months.