Jaymo & Andy George - Lost Loops & Broken Tapes


Jaymo & Andy George - Lost Loops & Broken Tapes

Having taken time out to concentrate on other creative projects, namely their mind-bending Lost Village festival, J&AG returned to the studio, armed with a fist full of samples, field recordings and late night sketches. Fuelled-up and ready to roll, this EP marks the first of many in 2017. From the low-slung, block party beats of 1968 (The Broken Tape) to the sun-kissed bump of Pump Funk, both tracks radiate the hazy, textural and slightly wonky J&AG sound.

Few people could’ve been more perfect to remix 1968 then Marquis Hawkes, who takes up the pace and lets the filters sing. Meanwhile, Moda Black newcomer IDAMOS delivers a rework than flips between lilting piano jams and a power house stab frenzy.''


1968 (The Broken Tape)
Plump Funk
1968 (The Broken Tape) (Marquis Hawkes Remix)
1968 (The Broken Tape) (IDAMOS Remix)