Megan Kashat ft. Yunus Durali - Loyes


Megan Kashat ft. Yunus Durali - Loyes

After the success of ‘Waters’, Megan Kashat and Yunus Durali have joined forces one again to create another smash hit titled ‘Loyes’. This collaboration is bursting with catchy melodies, memorable lyrics and groovy bass lines and highlights Megan’s beautiful vocals perfectly. There is also a middle-eastern vibe to the production and features fun and melodic saxophone and violin elements. ‘Loyes’ is a truly stunning song.

Megan’s career is going from strength to strength with her passion and drive becoming hard to compete with, the world is looking forward to what she has in store for us next. Pairing up with Yunus Durali is a match made in heaven as he has worked with some of the best producers Turkey has to offer and we’re hoping this isn’t the last of this musical duo.

‘Loyes’ will be available from the 15th December on DRL Records.

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