Luca Draccar – No Sometimes Yes

Luca Draccar – No Sometimes Yes

Luca Draccar introducing brand new EP release, ‘No Sometimes Yes.’

Blurring the lines between different styles and ideas.

January 2020 – Luca Draccar is an artist and producer with a focus on creating edgy progressive house tracks and more. Recently, he set out to release a brand new EP titled ìNo Sometimes Yes.î This is a powerful, edgy, and apologetic release which combines catchy melodies with distinctive production aesthetics, highlighting the artistís distinctive approach to sound design. The songs have a beautiful introduction, with a groove that is soaring, becoming more and more prominent, but without ever overpowering the catchy and memorable hooks. The songs are built on a very driven and effective chord structure, which is simple at its core, even thought it totally suits the dynamics and flow of the music. In fact, ìNo Sometimes Yesî is actually a very vocal testament to the power of a simple arrangement. You can accomplish so much if you go back to the basic elements that make a song great, and then take it from there to build something thatís truly special.

Find out more about Luca Draccar, and do not miss out on ìNo Sometimes Yes,î which is now available on all online music platforms.


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