Luca Lazza – Addicted To You ft. Nina

Luca Lazza – Addicted To You ft. Nina

The inventive Italian Dj and producer Luca Lazza unleashes his canorous flare with the release of the new EP Addicted To You, which features the soulful songstress Nina. Luca Lazzaís love affair with music began during his early childhood and different from many electronic composers he has accumulated a great knowledge of musical instrumentation since youth.

Addicted To You possesses a free-spirited framework that gives the project depth and continuity. The EP consists of three versions of the title. The original version of Addicted To You emanates a classic house sound with pop overtones. Ninaís vocal allure paints this melodic canvas with an acute taste of seduction. Producers Alain Ducroix and Daniele Quatrini provide a healthy remix that begins with a popping beat and vigorous measures of house piano that make a rich sonic oasis for Ninaís harmonics.

The Addicted To You EP includes a dub version that incorporates an equally explicit retro and underground vibe for the dance floor or listening pleasure. Luca Lazzaís collaborative efforts, coupled with the melodic sunshine of Ninaís voice have created a masterpiece that speaks volumes.

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