LWE feature in the second episode of Jägermeister’s ‘The Meister Series’

LWE feature in the second episode of Jägermeister’s ‘The Meister Series’

The London’s biggest underground event organisers LWE feature in the second episode of ‘The Meister Series’, Jägermeister’s freshly released project celebrating those in the music industry who constantly raise the bar and look beyond what has been done before.

At Jägermeister to ‘Be The Meister’ means living by your own rules and striving for perfection at every turn. Someone bold, unique and who continuously pushes the boundaries, breaking convention to create things previously unseen. This series features some of these creative, influential individuals and organisations within the entertainment community to give music fans insider access to what they have been up to. After untold challenges the industry has faced recently, the series shines a light on these behind-the-scenes heroes of the industry while looking to the future with optimism.

During this second episode, Founders and Directors of LWE Will Harold and Paul Jack discuss their history and how they adapted to provide online experiences that pushed the boundaries of what people expected, positioning themselves at the fore of a booming online events industry

As pivotal spokespeople within the live events industry in the UK, LWE and their wider partners have felt the impact of the last 12 months, and the impact it has had on so many. They have been vocal supporters of the WeMakeEvents movement to create visibility of the wider network and raise money for those in the industry whose life has been dramatically affected by the pandemic. To find out more about how to get involved and support the industry please visit www.wemakeevents.com

Speaking on the project, Jägermeister’s UK Music Manager Tom Carson said: “It’s an honour to have LWE as the guests of this episode. Their dedication to innovate and keep their events alive has been a source of inspiration for Jägermeister Musik and others in the industry. With this series, we want to celebrate all the behind the scenes professionals who have found their careers and livelihoods suddenly halted. This is a tribute to their essential work and contribution to the music world we love so much.”

LWE said: “With the Pandemic, no one really understood the impact it would have and it definitely shined a light in the industry and how fragile the ecosystem is. It has accelerated what people were doing outside of physical venues and developing new strategies. At the time it became clear that our festival Junction 2 wasn’t going to happen. We knew that we didn’t want to live-stream for the sake of a live-stream, it had to have a purpose, meaning and celebrate what we meant by Junction 2. So we created a virtual experience called J2V to try to recreate a live event experience. Creating that bridge between digital and reality is very much at the heart of what we are working on with our VR projects at the moment”. 

As a way to support the industry even further, Jägermeister created the #SAVETHENIGHT initiative to support both sides of the nightlife community: Artists, creatives and bartenders whose livelihoods have been impacted by the crisis, and those who would normally be in clubs and bars every week, hanging out with friends. The initiative consists of a mix of donations, micro-fundings, creative online entertainments such as ‘Meister Drop-Ins’ or ‘Meister Classes’ and support of partner activities. To find out more, please visit www.save-the-night.com.



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