Magnetie – You & Me


Magnetie – You & Me

There’s something special in the air at Insomnified Music as they release their new single from the vastly talented DJ/Producer Magnetie²

DJ/Producer Magnetie has been carving out a reputation for herself for a while now. It’s been a busy few years for her keeping on top of a busy release schedule and taking her show on the road, but she’s continuously proving that she’s here to stay, releasing a consistently quality line of electronic dance music releases that range from progressive and big room to tech-house and techno. Clearly not afraid to try different styles, you can hear her experimentation having a positive outcome on her productions, which just get better and better.

‘You & Me’ is an interesting production, by all means it’s big-room and has a huge distressed kick-drum leading proceedings, but it’s not flat-out chaos, it’s almost smooth in production style, something few pull off when making this style. The synth plucks are interlaced with the vocal stabs creating a hybrid sound that works perfectly in carrying the track into breakdowns. The pads are stacked chords, offering a bliss truancy element to the production, perhaps a contributing factor to the smoothness of the production. The main lead as a beefed up bass pluck that has some serious bottom end and on the drop everything is bared as the track elevates to its peak.

Magnetie is taking all the right steps to cement herself into the electronic dance music world. Keeping a consistent and quality line of releases on the production line and maintaining a busy tour diary – you can’t knock her work rate.

‘You & Me’ is out now Insomnified Music