Martial Simon & Narissa unveil dynamic dancefloor single ‘10 to 5’

Martial Simon & Narissa unveil dynamic dancefloor single ‘10 to 5’

Martial Simon, renowned for his fast-paced streak of music releases in 2023, continues to captivate audiences with his latest track, “10 to 5.” Following a series of hits, each amassing over 200K+ streams on Spotify alone, Martial Simon has established himself as a force in the music scene. Collaborating with Narissa, the talent behind the hit “Boss Bae” and a collaborator with Wiz Khalifa, the synergy between these two artists is palpable and sets the stage for the inspiration behind this exciting new single.

“10 to 5” unfolds as a distinctive sequel, offering a vibrant narrative of the timeless clash between myth and reality in the dating realm. It serves as a battle cry for those familiar with the rollercoaster of romantic disillusionment. The track navigates the universal theme of initial attraction versus the revelation of truth, guiding listeners through the unmasking of a potential partner’s allure, beyond the facade of intrigue and passion.

Merging Martial Simon’s high-octane, club-ready essence with Narissa’s smooth and captivating vocals, “10 to 5” achieves a harmonious fusion. Effortlessly straddling the worlds of deep house and tech house, the track showcases the collaborative finesse of the two artists. This dynamic combination culminates in a potent club track poised to set mixes and dance floors ablaze globally.

With infectious beats, flawless production, and a narrative that taps into the complexities of love, “10 to 5” stands as a dancefloor anthem. Martial Simon and Narissa once again exhibit their prowess in crafting music that not only resonates emotionally but also promises to become a global dance sensation. Check it out now.



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