Multi-genre pop alchemist Camilla K releases sassy new single “Pretty Bitch Gang”

Multi-genre pop alchemist Camilla K releases sassy new single “Pretty Bitch Gang”

Mixing pop and melodic rap over a reggaeton beat, emerging artist and one-to-watch Camilla K has already commanded the full attention of industry insiders with her unique and flawless mastering of multi-genre pop. Now living in London by way of Stockholm and Los Angeles, she is set to make a splash in the UK’s talent-rich city as she releases her new music, laden with catchy hooks and melodies, high-calibre production and strong lyrics. Camilla’s latest single is the sassy and uncompromising “Pretty Bitch Gang” – available across all download and streaming platforms.


Born and raised in Sweden, Camilla K can proudly boast a rich heritage: Finnish heritage (her mother) and Iranian (her father.) She was raised in a multilingual, culturally rich environment in what is a hugely diverse area of Stockholm. She speaks four languages: Swedish, Finnish, Persian and English fluently and has a real understanding of what rewards diversity can bring. She says, “… this made me the open-minded person I am today. I understand different cultures more and respect people’s differences. Not only that, she can boast some royal DNA: “One of the old Swedish Kings, Gustav Vasa had a mistress, with whom he had two sons, and the mistress is related to us!”. Ironically, her own upbringing was anything but privileged, but Camilla K has fought hard to forge her own success story.


As a result, Camilla K is someone who has absorbed a wealth of influences from many cultures and social strata; she pours this experience freely into her music and also into charity work with kids that have had similar experiences. A portion of proceeds from her music is being given back to children in the form of music and arts through her charitable foundation, “Chelsea House”. 


Growing up, Camilla K was largely inspired by Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Natti Natasha and Becky G. With those early influences, she developed a unique, powerful voice, modern style and high-quality sound to her music. Her first-ever live show was in front of an audience of 5000 people on Live TV in Germany, broadcasting to 10 million people! Dr. Alban had found Camilla’s message to him years before, showcasing her home recording of a song called “Girl Crush”. Impressed by her musical talents, he gave her two days to prepare two of his songs and the opportunity to sing the female-led parts alongside him on stage. Quite the TV debut! Things soon escalated, and shortly after, Camilla K became one of the first artists associated with the American distribution giant and record label Empire as they opened their new offices in the U.K.


Camilla K has also won the support and respect of industry professionals, including British award-winning rapper and songwriter, Giggs.  She says: “Giggs has gone beyond words of encouragement, he has invited me to shows – shown me the ropes and included me in rooms with some of the greatest artists of our time”.


Her first foray as a fledgling RnB/Pop/House recording artist was the release of the EP “Paradisiac” in 2014, which led to bigger things: the first single to come out professionally is called “Down For You”, a seamlessly luscious pop song with irresistible house tones in the hook. The new single “Pretty Bitch Gang” is heavily influenced by Natti Natasha and Becky G and reveals a sassy vibe but equally reveals a polished talent from an artist with knowledge and experience beyond her years.


Camilla K says: “Pretty bitch gang is a fun song for all girls to feel beautiful and confident to, no matter what our background, we need to remember that we’re all 10s! My single celebrates the self-confidence I want all women to feel. I’m a girl’s girl, so l wanted to make a women’s anthem for all of us to unite and feel good about… and, of course, dance to!”.


How do you define Camilla K? An emerging star, certainly. But also bold, worldly, hardworking, visionary with a rare and commendable determination to use her platform to help and inspire others.



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