Max M – Never Wanna Leave

Max M – Never Wanna Leave

Max M releases hot new single, Never Wanna Leave

A stunning combination of energy and melody with a stark, personal twist.

Max M is an artist artist who recently set out to release a new single, Never Wanna Leave. The brand new project marks a significant step forward for the artist, a true milestone that showcases growth and creative vision. The release does a really great job at portraying Max Mís vision, presenting a sound that falls somewhere in between the appealing melodies of pop and the energy of EDM.
The song has a modern and polished production, which really allows the mix to stand out for its clarity and depth. The low end is really fat and punchy, while the mid-range is warm, but never harsh. In addition to that, the top end has a nice, silky tone that really contributes to a smooth sounding mix that puts the vocals at the forefront. Maxís work has often been compared to artists the likes of Sia, Halsey and Billie Eilish, but this artist certainly has a distinctive character, as opposed to simply trying to copy other influences along the way.

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