Deep Space Orchestra - Memory LP


Deep Space Orchestra - Memory LP

Deep Space Orchestra are proud to announce the arrival of their debut LP. Entitled Memory, it is to be released on their own label Use of Weapons in Autumn 2015 and is a perfect culmination of their vast array of influences and inspirations.

Deep Space Orchestra is Chris Barker and Simon Murray, a pair of mature music lovers who have been DJing and making music for years. When together they conjure up emotive soundscapes full of lithe and rubbery bass, rich synth patterns and authentic real world textures. They have done so on their own labels Jack & Wang and Use of Weapons, as well as on Delusions of Grandeur, Foto Recordings, Quintessentials and Scenery. Never repeating the same trick twice, they conjure up original moods and grooves that don’t rely on trends of the day nor obvious sample pack sounds.

Given their considered outlook, it is no wonder Memory is not just a collection of tracks. Instead it is a complete piece of work that has been cooked up over the last three years and has largely been born from a collection of gear they bought with a view to starting to play live. As such it finds them experiment with all manner of new sounds and techniques, and the results are triumphant indeed.

Things kick off with ‘Feel No Pain,’ a melodically dense and frazzled cut with a crisp boom bap drive that carries us to outer space. From there, the pair lay out intergalactic house sounds littered with spoken word snippets and perfectly poised synth patterns as per ‘Selassie’ and the suggestively electro tinged cut ‘Let’s Save.’

Even when the tempo picks up and things grow more physical such as on ‘Voodoo Wingman’, real musicality and proper arrangements still remain. More introverted, bass led tracks like ‘Dream States’ do a fine job of connecting with our inner, visceral lust for rhythm and brain soothing, car driving sound tracks come stoned synthscapes like ‘Mission Hills’ and colourful closer ‘Starman’ are genuinely emotional affairs that truly resonate.

Memory is a proper electronic album that is about a complete listening experience and not just club ready sounds, and for that reason is one to be truly cherished at home, in headphones, or even on holiday away from it all.

Deep Space Orchestra ‘Memory’ LP drops on Use of Weapons on 28th September 2015.

1. Feel No Pain
2. Selassie
3. Let’s Save
4. Voodoo Wingman
5. Elliptical Orbit
6. Dream States
7. The Hees
8. Mission Hills
9. All Systems Down
10. Starman