Sight - Monsoon


Sight - Monsoon

It's becoming more and more natural these days to expect the unexpected where UK label, Blow The Roof Records' output is concerned. The multi-genre imprint pride themselves on sourcing a wide variety of artists from across the globe who clearly have a talent for creating everything from music for the dance floor to works of art, the latter of which is what we find here with Sight's sublime debut 'Monsoon LP'.

Referring to himself as more a 'sound recordist' than a typical music producer, Sight AKA Dan Smith, presents an intricately-woven, spiritual soundtrack of his travels across India. With comparisons sure to be made with experimental contemporaries such as Boards Of Canada, the sheer depth of production and true ethnicity behind the beats, vibes and cut-ups perfectly complements the uniquely personal moments captured on his journey. Opening with 'Snoring Babas' you are first transported to a train station where aptly-named, Sight, paints the scene of a town or village going about it's hectic day. You can almost see the landscape, taste the air and see the faces of the people whose voices fleetingly fade in and out of microphone range. As the journey continues, Sight's own production skills and deep understanding and respect of the culture of this host land become increasingly evident in tracks such as 'Bombay' & 'BlackOuts'. Mature percussion featuring authentic sitars along with tight drums and subtle synths add to the overall organic feel of this meticulously constructed downtempo work which really shouldn’t be missed. 'Monsoon LP' from Sight is out now.

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