MUMDANCE – Take Time


MUMDANCE – Take Time

The ‘Take Time’ EP arrives in the middle of Mumdance’s stunning run of recent form, which has seen the producer craft 2013′s acclaimed ‘Twists & Turns’ mixtape, release a series of starkly experimental yet devilishly funky club beasts in collaboration with Logos and Pinch, and travel to Cairo to work with local musicians as part of Rinse FM’s Cairo Calling project.

The EP’s title track draws upon Mumdance’s long-standing love of grime, crafting a tightly coiled, ten-ton heavy club riddim, all frostbitten drums and shockingly stripped-back midrange, powerful enough to carve a rift deep into the mix. It features the quick-witted vocal play of rising London MC Novelist, whose bars dart swift and sharp through the track’s acres of frozen space.

‘The Sprawl’ is pure futurist brutalism, all rattling bass pulses, eski clicks and broken propulsion reminiscent of Mumdance and Pinch’s recent club heartstopper ‘Turbo Mitzi’.

‘Don’t Get Lemon’, produced in collaboration with much-loved grime veteran Spyro, completes the EP. Beginning life as an abstract, darkly cheeky devil mix, it switches mode midway into a freakily lonely, rain-soaked urban lullaby; an abrupt jolt in mood that, like the rest of the EP, is as bracing yet refreshing as being dunked in ice-cold water.

Forthcoming live dates:
Thursday 8th May
FWD at Dance Tunnel
Saturday 21st June
Camden Crawl