Various Artists - My Sound Is Systematic Vol 1


Various Artists - My Sound Is Systematic Vol 1

This winter sees in a new team up from Systematic Sounds who have signed up the skills of a batch of the finest Techno producers on the planet – all in the name of highly useable, pristine and devastatingly effective samples for you at home and in the studio.

"Systematic Sounds" presents you the ultimate compilation of the best sample recordings of all its releases in 2014 and 2015.

Unbelievable but true, this bundle contains sound samples of five of the best worldwide techno producers who are Robert Babicz (Systematic), Marc Romboy (Systematic), Wehbba (Tronic), Andreas Henneberg (Ideal) and Nicolas Masseyeff (Herzblut).

Here you can find everything you would need for your personal authentic production, bass lines, punchy drums, vocal snippets, fluffy pads, distinctive kick drums and groove loops and all this straight from the studios of the five DJs.

No third party samples, everything recorded especially for Systematic Sounds, as you know it from their productions.

Now is your chance to enhance your tracks and make your sound Systematic!

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