Cornelius Doctor - Myths Of Adulthood


Cornelius Doctor - Myths Of Adulthood

Cornelius Doctor steps up for his Hard Fist imprints inaugural release, comprising three original cuts and a collaborative track with Fringe Society.

Headed up by label boss Cornelius Doctor, French imprint Hard Fist debuts this May aiming to explore new ground within the dance music soundscape. With early support from the likes of Jacques Renault, Laurent Garnier and Sascha Funke and an assembly of unknown artists waiting in the wings, this debut offering traverses through a conglomeration of musical influences with a contemporary yet unique vibe.

‘Kutter’s Tranmissions’ opens up the EP with a low-slung drum machine riff before a monstrous synth lead rips through the mix accompanied by tantalising spiralling effects and sonics. ’20 Something’ then utilises a swinging halftime rhythm fuelled with filtering bass lines and subtle breaks, whilst throwback vocals and hypnotic strings levitate nearby.

‘Sparkling Plasma’ then hones in on a sub heavy tribal rhythm, swaying along to organic hits and a devious acid lead guided by Fringe Society’s swirling synths and layered vocals. Finally, ‘Animal Sexual Diary’ recruits a robust disco-tinged groove as the skeleton for a plethora of tightly programmed synths lines that interweave in harmony amongst the space in the mix.

Cornelius Doctor’s ‘Myths Of Adulthood’ drops on Hard Fist on May 26th on Vinyl & via Bandcamp.


Kutter’s Transmissions
20 Something
Sparkling Plasma (feat. Fringe Society)
Animal Sexual Diary