Giuseppe Ottaviani & Orkidea - North Star


Giuseppe Ottaviani & Orkidea - North Star

Previously the sole preserve of ‘Harmonia’ album owners, on its release the Original Edit of ‘North Star’ rapidly became one of the most talked-about tracks from Orkidea’s latest long-player. If you’re among those who’ve been requesting a club-length expansion to the track, well your wait is now at an end!

If however this is your first contact with Orkidea & Giuseppe’s debut team-up, hey, you’ve got a big treat in store… Together, the two Pure Trance centurions have catalysed a track even greater than the sum of its (considerable!) parts.

‘North Star’ (Extended & Factor B Mixes) available through Beatport here:

Giuseppe and Tapio have been back into the studio and built ‘North Star’ upwards and outwards, transforming it into a full-length floor-conquistador!

Twisting their inimitable production codas together, Giuseppe stylistic elevation meets Orkidea’s rolling basslines head-on, and with storm force! Heavenly chiming sub-lines, kick-drum-thump, metronomic percussion and meteoric synths mass to create a power band is as peak-time-broad as it is skyscapingly high.

Factor B has gotten in on the action too, bringing the release his dazzling Southern Star revision. The Melbourne-based producer (whose studio work has of-late graced the label-likes of Pure Trance Recordings and Future Sound of Egypt) drops an every-bit-as rapture-inducing remix.

‘North Star’ lights up club floors from today.


01: Giuseppe Ottaviani & Orkidea – North Star (Original Mix)
02: Giuseppe Ottaviani & Orkidea – North Star (Factor B’s Southern Star Remix)