Jefty - Of The Night EP


Jefty - Of The Night EP

Asia Music kicks off 2017 with the label’s highly-anticipated 46th release, “Of the Night” featuring tracks from the multifaceted DJ, producer and musician, Jefty, “On Our Side” and “Nighttime Addiction” plus a remix by the future ancient disco extraordinaire, red.tree.

1. Jefty – On Our Side (Original Mix)
“Of the Night” starts with an enslaving track entitled “On Our Side”. Dressed in hypnotic tech layers, the song opens with inviting kicks and hats whilst flawlessly mixed with deep, vibrating bass. There’s no shortage of well-timed risers and build-ups here, and what makes the track stand out is its spacey, electronic vocals spotlessly injected throughout — the bit almost takes us back to the laser-bright sounds of Pet Shop Boys’ albums and the Kraftwerkian world; a blissful contrast that’s definitely the cherry on top. “On Our Side” is nothing short of well-crafted panoramic audial pleasure that just begs to be played over and over.

2. Jefty – On Our Side (red.tree Remix)
Next up is US-based DJ and producer, red.tree, adding his distinct electronica flavor to Jefty’s “On Our Side”. Glossed up with heavier, punchier basslines and boomier build-ups, the melodic middle of red.tree’s remix is an entrancing treatment yet remains reminiscent of the original version. It’s skillfully contorted to that kind of rhythm that sticks to your ribcage — relentless in its plight to keep your body grooving until the unforgiving hours of the morning. This spellbinding, delightfully sinister rendition stamps a solid twist to what we’re already dubbing as a future club gem.

3. Jefty – Nighttime Addiction (Original Mix)
Sharp, clean and infectious, “Nighttime Addiction” is unafraid of boundless body-moving from beginning to end. It starts with punchy, phat kicks and subby beats then quickly immerses you into that throbbing, addictive groove signature to Jefty’s style. Just as it brings you to the familiar albeit irresistible deep house rhythm, he masterfully lets it breathe then transports you back to the slapping synths and seductive bass lines. Amidst the humming low-pitched lines and feet-stomping loops, the song pleasantly surprises with brief yet mesmerizing vocals paired with thinning claps and snares — just what the track needs as it draws to a close. “Nighttime Addiction” proves it’s not always the frenetic or excessively-layered that calls for a continuous one on the dance floor; a strong finish to an auspicious and exciting release.