Oladimeji unleashes ‘Loving You Tonight’

Oladimeji unleashes ‘Loving You Tonight’

Oladimeji has released a sick new track entitled, ‘Loving You Tonight’. The track has a fun vibe inspired by his Motherland in Africa. The video amplifies love and comfortability within a relationship that many can relate to as Oladimeji has his on-screen lover celebrate their union in various natural settings.

When speaking about the track, he said: “(Loving You Tonight) is a mid-tempo love song. It is a fusion of the afrobeat sound with a bright pop feel so instruments wise we went with the horns and the African percussions as an add on to the underlying chords and drumline so it retains its bounce while still giving off the vibe of the afrobeat sound.”  

Watch the video to the track below:




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