Black Acre - Once Around The Sun 2018


Black Acre - Once Around The Sun 2018

Once Around The Sun 2018 showcases all, from left-leaning sounds to heavyweight hitters including Jun Kamoda – Nightmare Club the funk oddity taken from his self-titled debut album (named DJ Mag’s album of the month).

Two standout tracks from bass-veteran Commodo deliver heavy-hitting, low frequencies including an exclusive track ‘1001’ feat. the elusive artist Rocks FOE. Taking things down a notch and showcasing the softer side of the label – an icy cinematic release from multi-instrumentalistMemotone, alongside Prayer’s ‘Kind’ – a sorrowful classical piece.

The compilation also features tracks from afro-futurist Scott Xylo, Umi Cooper – 'All' championed by Pharrell and featured on HBO series Ballers, not to mention Photay's drum heavy reimagining of Black Acre mainstay Clap! Clap!'s live ensemble. 

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