Orla Feeney – The Lilyhammer EP


Orla Feeney – The Lilyhammer EP

As a producer, DJ and radio presenter, flick open the electronic music dictionary at ‘triple threat’ you’ll find Ireland’s Orla Feeney looking back at you. She’s notably left her mark on the VANDIT discography on several previous occasions with enduring club rockers including ‘Bittersweet’, ‘Pink Noise’ and ‘Two Faced’. Now she’s back, flambéing the floor with two more! All aboard: next stop ‘Lilyhammer’!

Like the cult Nordic TV series of the same name, ‘Lilyhammer’s tracks are cool, chilled and well collected… at the frontend! The further in you get though, the higher the fire rises.

The EP’s title track sets the tone with supremely compressed beats, clipped percussion, slow-churn 303 and glacial, wonderland-like sub-melodies. Progressively Orla unfolds its huge, entrancing lead riff, setting it against live-sounding, thermally rising strings. As ‘Lilyhammer’s dark heart lightens, the track opens up and finally explodes into all-out uplift.

‘Comic Stripped’ is a canny reboot/rephrase of Orla’s 2009 VANDIT debut ‘Comic Strip’. ‘Comic’ by name, super-serious by nature, its jagged little electrosynths and hard-square waveforms bookend the drop’s deep oceanic pads and irresistibly rhapsodic riffs.


01: Lilyhammer
02: Comic Stripped 2014