Osunlade – Atonement


Osunlade – Atonement

 “Atonement” is the third instalment of the “Offering” mix CD series by Osunlade for R2 Records. As with “Offering” and “Re-Offering”, “Atonement” sees Osunlade select some more hidden gems that slipped through most other DJs’ radar.  As always the tracks are soulful, musical, emotive, yet electronic, modern and sometimes sparse, but always connected to the same spirit. An old story told in a new way.

The sequencing of the tracks on “Atonement” flow from one to another for a reason, Osunlade using music as a language in a way rarely heard. These are not random selections of big tracks, but carefully curated deep sounds put together seamlessly, each one enhancing energy from the last, drawing you in, hooking you into the story.

Anyone who’s experienced the artistry of Osunlade – be it his productions (acoustic and electronic), remixes, live or Dj sets will know there’s a message in his music, a philosophy encompassing everything from higher mind states to just cutting loose on the dance floor. “Atonement” will move your spirit, your body and your soul like no other.


01 Ananda Project “Atlanta”
02 Gerd “Palm Leaves” (Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub Instrumental Mix)
03 Roaming “Believe In Reflecting”
04 Mr Ho & Florian Blauensteiner “Crescendeux” (Roman Rauch 46X17 Remix)
05 Tomas Svensson “Phantom”
06 Roman Flugel “Song With Blue”
07 Steven Tang “Sunspot”
08 Andrew Soul “Disconnected Thoughts”
09 Jon McMillion “Horus House”
10 Sobz ft Goo J Poet “Holy Holy” (A cappella)
11 Jimpster “Towards The Seer”
12 Prof. Delacroix “Build Her”
13 Estroe “Late Night Thinking”