PBR Streetgang – Move On


PBR Streetgang – Move On

Assured German house label Toy Tonics now focusses on a very special, limited 300 run vinyl EP from PBR Streetgang. This is an excellent three track affair that comes with a fine remix from newbie Kian T, just after the label has been named as one of 10 visionary labels that will rise to prominence in 2015 by Beatport.

With past releases on Hot Creations, Wolf Music and their local Leeds label 20/20 Vision, as well as a DJ residency at We Love… in Ibiza, this long established pair have turned out many hot hits before now and this new EP is no different.

Opening up proceedings is ‘Move On, Don’t Want Me,’ a robust and barrel chested house track with propulsive drums, rattling percussive lines and shooting synths that lend it an old school feel. Rolling bass and subtle vocal yelps add an all important human element and this one is all killer as a result.

A bomb-remix by newcomer Kian T is next and suggests that this young talent is well on his way to blowing up. His version as the label describes it, “sounds like Max Graef taking a few too many pills and getting lost in vintage synth hell.” In other words it is a raw, loose limbed and dusty, hip hop indebted house groove that is lovably lush and off kilter.

Lastly, the brilliant ‘My Game’ is the most feel good of them all, with crisp piano stabs dangling above a bobbling bassline and roughshod drums. Diva vocals add a real sense of soul and a certain class that is sure to win many fans on the dance floor.

This label never fails to serve up winning house tracks from a range of quality artists and now PBR Streetgang can include themselves amongst that list in light of this latest bit of vinyl gold.