Podcast 094: RoyTson


Podcast 094: RoyTson

Talented DJ and producer RoyTson is back to form this month with yet another of his top-notch wonders. Having recently put himself behind two outstanding singles: ‘Stroke’ and ‘Clubland’, he is now following up with another stunner by the name of ‘Feeling’, which is out now.

Having established himself as a leading up-and-coming figure within the House music realm, RoyTson is setting sight on higher achievements and with such remarkable efforts he is certainly on track to reach his goals. His latest single ‘Feeling’ is a brilliant House-inspired production, putting RoyTson’s unique musical vision in full display.

‘Feeling’ kicks off with a House-infused drum groove, whilst blessing the intro with an infectious melody and spicing things up with an effect-filled loop. RoyTson later introduces the mesmerising vocals, whilst adding a subby bass-line to explore the lower end of the frequency range, before unleashing a catchy chorus. The chorus boasts a memorable melody, whilst offering an uplifting vibe galore. A mellower breakdown takes over, stripping away energy levels ahead of another much awaited lead section. RoyTson displays a multitude of variations of the main theme before heading into to a deep, stylish conclusion.
Following his other releases, RoyTson has solidified his collaboration with Kaisen Records, signing his freshest track ‘Feeling’ to the House and Deep House specialist imprint. RoyTson is becoming a central figure within the Kaisen family amongst other important names such as: Yuga, Shadeyes and Mari Ka. With such a streak of exciting projects, RoyTson is certainly adding weight to Kaisen Record’s already rich catalogue and there is surely much more yet to come from this stellar artist.

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