Pop Singer-Songwriter Eric Ashtoon Spooner Unveils “You’re Kind”

Pop Singer-Songwriter Eric Ashtoon Spooner Unveils “You’re Kind”

It takes a true visionary to connect the world again after a year away — that’s why Eric Ashton Spooner is such an innovative and force in both music & other entertainment industries. His latest single “You’re Kind” is everything Eric represents — a voice for those who struggle to find their own as music is the one shared universal language.

“You’re Kind” is what so many of us need after over a year of no connection. “It’s a reminder of how disconnected we’ve been since the pandemic and how much we need to reconnect,” when he was asked about the song. “You’re Kind” is about connection with another soul, it’s a celebration of two souls meeting and finding friendship and love,” he states.

With a dedicated commitment to bridging mental health and music, Eric Ashton Spooner is passionate for bringing those of us together through his unique melodies, touching lyrics, and a knack for blending all of his passions into one. It’s clear that the music industry needs someone just like Eric Ashton Spooner reminding us that, despite everything going on, we can all celebrate finding new love & friendships.

Eric Ashton Spooner has a passion for music that is shared through an authentic voice that reaches not only your ears, but your heart and soul. Louisiana born and raised, with roots in the gospel world, he began early performing on stages across the country. At 12, he was recording background vocals for Warner Brothers Records.




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