Raelle releases brand new track ‘Sundown’

Raelle releases brand new track ‘Sundown’

Produced by Andre Fisher, Raelle returns with a beautiful new track, ‘Sundown’. Raelle’s impeccable, warm vocals melt like gold into the listener’s ear, the song is infectious and gives an array of sexiness and confidence. Raelle refuses to hold back; she pours out all emotions and thoughts onto ‘Sundown’, making it relatable and reflective for listeners.

When speaking about Sundown Raelle says, “Sundown is a metaphor, for closing a chapter or losing something or someone that you love, but may not have loved you the same. The feeling is bittersweet because at the moment you feel like your world is ending, but still finding a way to feel positive. The song is also a reflection of my past relationship, where when I was in it I was promised the world, but looking on it retrospectively they were all lies. So it’s a song about analysing the past and realising you are better off without them, and you are stronger without them, and although right now you feel sad and like your world is ending, it’s not always going to be like that things will get better. Sun goes down, but it also comes back up again :)”



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