Randall Jones – 53 Stickup EP

Randall Jones – 53 Stickup EP

Southern California is home to veteran international DJ/Producer Randall Jones, one of the world’s finest. Having made his Bedrock debut way back in 2003 (‘The Pathwork EP’) Randall has continuously grown, developed and evolved as a much-respected global artist. A return to Bedrock has been long overdue and his immaculate ‘53 Stickup EP’ is a perfect creative statement for 2019.

’53 Stick Up’ is an instantly loveable, hip-swinging, grooving, melodious beauty. Deeply delicious and perfectly timeless, this is masterful house music at its finest. Then… Nick Muir steps up on remix duty and injects his trademark power and energy into the proceedings. The master producer is also a musician and composer, widely recognised as one of the scene’s finest creative mavericks, so it is no wonder that he rebuilds and relocates ‘53 Stick Up’ onto peaktime floors, highlighting hypnotic looped melodies within a sophisticated ever mutating arrangement.

The desirous hypnotic beauty of ‘Lucky Groove’ is yet another example of why Randall Jones is held in such high regard. Subtle, teasing changes in mood, texture and energy flow throughout to create an utterly fascinating ride. Paired with a collaborative deep and dark dub-style ‘Tigerhook Edit’ (courtesy of the Wu-Tang type crew of like-minded DJs and Producers spearheaded by Randall) this is a package brimming with creativity throughout.

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